How many times do you visit North Myrtle Beach each year? Is it for specific events? Based on our reporting, we know we have a lot of listeners in other parts of the country… and the world. Many have come to the beach and have fallen in love with Beach Music. They take the station back home with them on the app and web live stream. We would love to know how many out there that listen to 94.9 The Surf on the App and Live stream also visit North Myrtle Beach.

Do you come for the Ocean Drive Beach Music Festival? Are you a member of the Society of Stranders? Are there big events that you just have to be in NMB for every year? Let us know here on the website or on the facebook page. We may share some of these on the air during the Surf Countdown show or later in the week when our DJs are bringing you the best music in the world on 94.9 FM in the Grand Strand and the world on