Thanks to everyone that participated in the first Surf Countdown of 2019. The January 5th Chart had 5 songs in the top 10 with “Love” in the title. Craig Woolard had a total of 4 songs; 3 with The Embers (Feat Craig Woolard) and 1 with Tim Cashion. Two artists had consecutive spots, the Holiday Band came in #25 and #24 and Gary Lowder featured on #11 and #10. Only 1 Song in this week’s Top 25 beach music songs has the word “Beach” in the song title. As you can see, you never know how the weekly chart will work out! I encourage to take a few minutes each week and vote for your top songs. I also featured a few songs that didn’t quite make the chart this week but have a good chance in the weeks to come.

It was good to see Randy Clay and Marsha Morgan in the studio this week. Thanks for debuting your new songs on the Surf. We are already getting requests for your songs and look for them on the ballot this week as the next Surf Countdown chart is tabulated.


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