Here are the Top Beach Music Songs according to our Surf Listeners. This list was based on voting here at The songs were played on the Surf Countdown by Mike Worley on 94.9 The Surf on Saturday, November 30th from 10 am to 12 Noon. Thanks to all that participated in the voting and thanks for listening to 94.9 in the Grand Strand and all over the world on We will count them down again at 10am on Saturday Morning! Voting is now open for next Saturday.

Top Beach Music Songs for November 30th

1 “Livin The Salt Life” by Mark McKinney & Co.
2 “Dance With Me” – Rick Strickland
3 “The Rest of Me” – Rick Strickland
4 “Mixed Emotions” – Lesa Hudson
5 “Two More Bottle of Wine” – Dan Thomas and Sylvia Johns Ritchie
6 “Sugar Boo” – Lesa Hudson
7 “Cooling Out” – Band of Oz
8 “I’ll Never Let You Go” – Blackwater Rhythm & Blues Band feat Doug Winstead
9 “Back to Memphis” – Jim Quick & Coastline
10 “If He Should Ever Leave You” – Blackwater Band
11 “I Ain’t Leaving Mississippi” – Jaye Hammer
12 “Lake Booty Shake” – JB& The Get Down Browns
13 “Don’t Fight It” – Phil Wilson & Blackwater Rhythm & Blues Band
14 “Call Me” – Feature Attraction Band
15 “Living it Up (Since You Let Me Down)” – Randy Clay Band
16 “Georgia” – Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot
17 “Loving My Blues Away” – Sylvia Johns Ritchie
18 “Carolina Moon” – Sylvia Johns Ritchie
19 “Hold Me In Your Arms” – by Gary Lowder & Smokin Hot
20 “We Ain’t Leavin’ Carolina” – Too Much Sylvia
21 “Love The One You’re With” – Gary Lowder and Tim Sidden
22 “You’re So Fine” – Russell Henry
23 “Kiss On My List” – Gary Lowder and Steve Edmonds
24 “Extraordinary” – Andy Swindell
25 “Each Morning I Wake Up” – Chairmen of the Board feat. Ken Knox