Here are the Top Beach Music Songs according to our Surf Listeners. This list was based on voting here at The songs were played on the Surf Countdown by the Professor Harold Ballard sitting in for Jay Kinlaw on 94.9 The Surf on Saturday, October 15th, 2022 from 10 am to 12 Noon LIVE.  Thanks to all that participated in the voting and thanks for listening to 94.9 in the Grand Strand and all over the world on

Top Beach Music Songs for October 15th

1 “You To Me Are Everything” – Band of Oz
2 “Better Off” – Jim Quick & Coastline
3 “Summertime Memories” Craig Woolard and Tim Cashion
4 “On the Street Where You Leave” – Band of Oz
5 “Tequila on Ice” – Wayne Free
6 “Breathless” – Lesa Hudson
7 “I’ll Always Love You” – Blackwater Band
8 “That You Hear in a Song” – Too Much Sylvia
9 “Texas Time” – Keith Urban
10 “Top Down” – Nadia Lena Shutkufski
11 “Sadie Mae” – Jim Quick & Coastline
12 “Boys Will Be Boys” – Marsha Morgan and Sylvia Johns Ritchie
13 “You’re the One for Me” – Rick Strickalnd
14 “Days of Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses ” – Doyle Wood and Sylvia Johns Ritchie
15 “Just in Time” – Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot
16 “Old Love Song” – Zac Brown Band
17 “Sandy” – Rick Strickland
18 “Never Give Up on Love” – Cat 5 Band
19 “Any Other Love” – Gary Lowder & Smokln’ Hot
20 “The Thing about You” — Carolina Coast Band feat. Rhonda McDaniel