Many North Carolinian’s and South Carolinian’s share a love for beach music. Most people call it Carolina Beach Music. 94.9 The Surf is based in North Myrtle Beach, SC but has a lot of listeners in NC. The Live Stream reaches fans in all 50 states ( and a lot other countries), but the number of listeners in NC and SC are definitely the highest count each and every day.

There is a lot of pride in both states. Of course, there are a lot of rivalries with all the great college sports teams in North and South Carolina. In addition to sports there is BEACH MUSIC and SHAG Dancing. Both claim the birthplace of the Shag. Both claim that Beach Music started in their state. Both have great artists that call North and South Carolina home. 

Tell us what you think is the best. Pick one of the states and tell us why you picked it.

North Carolina or South Carolina?

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