This February 9th Surf Countdown remained consistent in the fact that there was a lot of movement both up and down the top 25 spots.  Jim Quick and Coastline hung on to the #1 position this week with “Cleaning Windows” and the largest leap came from Lesa Hudson with her song “Mixed Emotions” which jumped 15 spots from last week landing in the #3 position.

The “Carolina Moon” compilation had back to back entries this week with “I’ll Never Let You Go” by BWR&B (Feat Doug Winstead) at #14 and “Carolina Moon” by Sylvia Johns Ritchie at #13.

Craig Woolard added another song to this week’s chart with “Together” by The Embers Feat Craig Woolard which takes him to a total of 5 songs currently on the Surf Countdown Chart with 3 of the songs landing in the top 10.

Surf Spotlights

The Surf Spotlight Songs this week were “Satisfied” by Soul Pak which will be appearing on the new KHP compilation set to be released in a few weeks, “Strong Woman” by Hardway Connection, “Love Makes The World Go Round” by Russell Thompkins, Jr. from his new album “Between Love Songs” produced by Forever More Music and “You Don’t Say” by Phil Wilson.

Thanks to everyone for participating in this week’s Surf Countdown and I look forward to having you along this Saturday as we count them down again at 10 am!