Beach Music has been a major part of many of our lives. The Beach Music Lifestyle has been embraced by a lot our Surf listeners. Over the years, a lot of memories have been made in the clubs and beaches of the Carolinas. Of course, beach music reaches outside of North Carolina and South Carolina, but there is a reason people call it “Carolina Beach Music”. We have been kicking this list of Beach Music Memories around a few days and decided to drop it on the site as our Question of the Day. We hope this list takes you back to some great times in your beach music life. So many more items could be added, but we decided to end this one as it appears below.

How Many Points do you get?

Go down the list and see how many you might have done or experienced. Give yourself a point for each item (only count each item once ). We would love to hear how many points you have, especially if it is a really high number.  


Beach Music Memories

See General Norman Johnson and Chairmen of the Board at House of Blues
Shag in the Back Room at Fat Harold’s
Attend Carolina Beach Music Festival
See a Beach Music Band at a Live After Five Event Anycity, USA
Be a Member of the CBMA
Attend Myrtle Beach Daze
Witness a Shag Contest at The Pad
Attended  a Fantastic Shakers Christmas Party
See a Beach Music Band at Ray’s Deck Party at the Longbranch
Visit the Cellar in Charlotte
Listen to The Crossover with Jim Quick
Eat a Pork Chop cooked by Lulu at the Shag City Grill
See a Beach Music Band at the Pepper Patio in Cary, NC
Visit Pauls in Charlotte
Dance the Funky Chicken with Danny Woods
Attend Shama Lama Spring Fling
Do a Shot of Fireball with DJ Chad Sain
See William Bell sing “Easy Comin’ Out” LIVE
See Harold Bessent drink a Miller Lite at HOTOs in Cherry Grove
Eat Boom Boom’s BBQ
Visit the Coachmen and Four Club
Attend SOS Fall Migration
Visit the Embers Club in Atlantic Beach
Dance in the Cage at the World Famous Spanish Galleon
Been on a Cruise with a Beach Music Artist
Attend SOS Midwinter Break
See a Band on Wednesday Night at Reds Beach Music in Raleigh
Been a Member of Bill Griffin’s Castaways Club
Attend one of the Shakers 35th Events
Eat a Bacon Cheeseburger at Deckerz Bar & Grill
Know somebody that was in “Shag: The Movie”
Attend the Big Fish Shtick in Wilmington
See Bill Pinkney sing “Money Honey” LIVE
Visit Cecil Corbett’s Beach Club in Myrtle Beach
Pay for a Shag Lesson
Attend SOS Spring Safari
See Billy Scott sing “California” LIVE
Buy a Ticket to an Event using
Clog with Coastline Band on your Birthday
Visit to the Embers Club in Raleigh
Attend the Band of Oz 50th Anniversary Reunion in NMB
Buy a KHP Music Compilation CD
Visit Fat Jack’s in North Myrtle Beach
Install 94.9 The Surf App on your phone or tablet
Attend the Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival
Ride a SOS Parade Float
See Jim Quick sing Late at Night at Fat Harold’s Beach Club
Stay at the Ocean Drive Beach & Golf Resort
Attend the Triangle Beach Music Festival in Garner, NC
See Joe Pope sing “Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy” LIVE
See a Band at Ducks Night Club
Attend the VA Beach Music Festival
See a Beach Music Band at 2001 in Myrtle Beach
Attend Triangle Beach Spring Fling
See the New Year Strike Midnight with Band of Oz in Pinehurst
See a Band at Thirsty’s 2 in Greensboro
Attend Wall to Wall Ball in Raleigh at the North Raleigh Hilton
Eat a Plate of Food served by David Grubb
See a Band at JB Pivots in Charleston
Attend Ocean Drive Beach Music Festival

How many points do you have from this list of Beach Music Memories?