Let’s Build another list. How many different bands in beach music can we name that have “Band” in the official title of their name?.. or what everyone calls them?

For Example;

“Band of Oz: would be an answer…
but “The Embers featuring Craig Woolard” would not.. we are unaware of anyone calling them the Embers Band these days.
Jim Quick & Coastline would not be an answer.. but if you want to go back and say “The Coastline Band”… okay

Group Name with “Band”
Band of Gold
Band of Oz
Blackwater Band
Breeze Band
Craig Woolard Band
East Coast Rhythm & Blues Band
Feature Attraction Band
Holiday Band
James Michael Brown Band
Marsha Morgan Band
Ocean Boulevard Band
Part Time Party Time Band
Pinks Slips Band
Randy Clay Band
Rick Strickland Band
Sand Band
Special Occasion Band
The Coastline Band
The Oceanfront Band
Tim Clark Band


Can you name beach music bands with “band” in their name?