Some may say nothing Country is Beach Music. We have had a lot of songs recorded by Country Music Artists that have done well in the beach music clubs and lounges. Some have made the beach music charts. Take “Barefootin'” by Scotty Mcreery. It has held a top spot on the Surf Countdown all year. Artists like Scotty and Josh Turner have had hit songs with the beach music community. Artists we typically claim as Beach Music have been able to crossover to the country side. The Down South album by Jim Quick has a lot of Country Music Influence. 

Enter Donavon Lee Carpenter

Our 3 Word Beach Music Song posts reached a new audience yesterday with Donavon Lee’s Fan Base. We received a lot of requests to add his song “Another Beach Song” to our list of beach Songs. Maybe Mike Worley will play his song along with some other “Country” Beach Music Songs.

So the Question Today…

What Country Music Songs have been popular in the Beach Music Community?